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who we are

We are an organization focused on FOUR core values;

1. #1 Priority Take care of our customer.

2. #2 Priority Take care of our customer.

3. Bring the latest in technologies, across a broad spectrum of industries, into our converting/printing world, to create new products or better, faster processes.

4. Set the industry standard, by imagineering and delivering new and more creative , or efficient products.

30+ years of Innovative process and material coating/converting knowledge direct to end user, offerings include servo driven,vision controlled converting systems worldwide raw material sources, imaginative solutions to process problems and local supply chain (via your current supplier) or direct sales options.

We become your engineering team


Because no supplier will bring our solutions to your bottom line, and prove it

process improvement

Every detail of your Brand is important. From product, to package, to labels.
We get it.
Every detail of your process is important, time and production bottlenecks cost money, It’s why we do what we do, with passion and a natural inquisitiveness to constantly improve our, and your processes and the products we supply.
We get it


we could extend the length of your rolls to last an entire shift?

  • Required every part to be on a single roll that was only 5,000 feet long
  • Each change is more waste
  • Each change is an increase opportunity for error or breakdown
  • They had to perform 10 roll changes

process improvement onsite

30 years of reviewing many hundreds, if not thousands of processes, from small companies to some of the biggest names in business, our review of your process, in the use of our materials, is simply money in the bank. We have engineered two or three products into one product, meaning one part, one employee, job done. We have also engineered new products to meet the demands or design requirements for our customers ever changing needs, including added production speed. Your needs becomes our passion.

  • No material loss
  • No roll changes
  • No opportunity for error
  • No down time

In short:

onsite engineering

In the form of:

  • Product verification for the application
  • Product redesign to speed production
  • Simple to use low cost equipment
  • Additions or improvements to existing equipment
  • Semi-automatic equipment solutions
  • Automatic equipment solutions
  • Quality Verification via high speed cameras

Put on your creative cap and call
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every page of an extended content booklet label, was 100% verifiable and you had significantly more design freedom?


We worked from the ground up to add design features and we built better presses.Our engineers were inspired by Mark Wegmann to insert the most sophisticated technologies available into our presses, to expand process capabilities and relieve some of the mind numbing,and costly human interaction at print, laser and die cut stations, and to provide visual and computerized verification throughout the printing process via the latest technologies, using high speed camera’s.

Our technology includes best of breed color management software, allowing us to process your Brand’s small runs (digital,) growing to large runs (flexographic) seamlessly. No variation in color.

  • All 8 stations have their own high speed camera, electronically verifying every layer, every page, for 100% accuracy and completeness. The operator has a real time visual status report, that transfers the information to the finishing equipment where any non-conforming product is removed and/or replaced. Taking employee judgement out of our process, giving you a consistent product, from label to label and run to run.
  • 100% accurate
  • 100% verifiable
  • Every layer, every label, every time

Need a better mouse trap?
We build em, Disney calls it


WE call it smart.

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we could manufacture parts, to solve production, material or process issues?

Let us take your production up a floor


Wegmann means nothing short of the most advanced converting technologies in the world, and the engineering minds behind the technology to make it work. We are able to convert complex flexible printed labels, die cut parts or specialty tape parts, with unprecedented precision. Our converting line uses in line lasers and rotary die cutting tools combined with servo motors and high speed camera’s to create products others can’t. We then help you apply the product within your Process. Simply stated, we become your engineering team.

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We convert ideas
into products


we can layer products into one part, vs two or three?


Precision placement… every part, the same place, every time.

Your existing process requires multiple steps from multiple rolls.

  • Each roll is a different length, so your shut downs and roll changes are multiplied
  • Your set ups are multiplied
  • Your waste material is multiplied
  • Your labor overhead is multiplied

Our Solution offers all parts combined onto a single spool wound roll

  • Each spool could have 10 times the number of parts
  • Your operators can “set it and forget it”
  • No waste
  • No downtime
  • Labor overhead is minimized
  • Efficiency is maximized

It’s our true calling, We just need to understand your challenges to figure out a solution

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We solve problems


we could redesign part of your process to speed production?

process engineering

No project is the same, All of our thinking goes into increasing our speed and your speed, consistency, and verification of our product and your product, What does this engineering mean to you? Verifiable quality, greater efficiency, less waste, and savings from a partner that cares as much as you do, about your Brand, your process, your product. In short? Wegmann means, Peace of mind.


The old way required four operators to manually apply labels from a single roll onto the product. This creates jobs but also creates:

  • Placement inssues / errors
  • Increased overhead
  • Increase time
  • Low output
  • The new way uses semi automatic and automatic labelers requiring fewer operators to perform the same task with greater efficiency

  • Reduces labor
  • Speeds production
  • Requires less floor space
  • Gives greater accuracy
  • Limits down time
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